Lab Locations & Resources

Main Campus and Discovery Park

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College Location Room Phone Printing Resources Laptop Checkout

Visual Arts & Design

Art Building



Monochrome & Color, Large-Format, 3D Printing, Scanning

MacBook Pro Laptops

Business Business Leadership Building 185, 190 940-565-2350 Monochrome & Color

Dell Laptops

Health & Public Safety Chilton Hall 255 940-565-3460 Monochrome & Color, 3D Printing

MacBook Air Laptops

Information Discovery Park B205 940-565-2501 Monochrome & Color, Scanning See Discovery Park Library, Room B112
Engineering Discovery Park B129 940-891-6733 Monochrome & Color See Discovery Park Library, Room B112
Arts & Sciences General Academic Building 330, 550, 550A 940-565-2825 Monochrome & Color

MacBook Pro Laptops

Education Matthews Hall 307, 309 940-565-4379 Monochrome & Color Matthews, 307
Music Music Building 238 940-565-3765 Monochrome, Scanning

MacBook Air Laptops

Education Physical Education Building 220 940-565-4379 Monochrome & Color, Scanning PEB, 220

University IT

Sage Hall • Adaptive Lab

330 940-565-2324 Monochrome, Scanning

Dell Laptops

Arts & Sciences Terrill Hall 220 940-565-2825 Monochrome Color, Scanning Dell Laptops
  Virtual Statistics Lab Your device N/A Access to statistics, analytics and modeling software packages N/A
Libraries Willis Library Willis 940-565-2375 Monochrome & Color, Scanning

Dell and MacBook Laptops

Arts & Sciences Wooten Hall 120 940-565-2825 Monochrome & Color, Scanning

MacBook Pro Laptops


Directions to Discovery Park (Google Maps) Discovery Park Bus Route (PDF)